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Great Taste Catering
Great Taste Catering
Great Taste Catering
Hollywood Bowl Menu
    Choice of one item from
    Each category
    Basket for two - $45.00
    With wine $60.00
    (Please ask to see wine list)
    Baskets include assorted Cheese and baguette

    First Course
  • Marinated French bean Salad
    With roasted shitake mushrooms, shaved almonds and currents
  • Artichoke and Roasted Fennel Salad
    With fresh tarragon & toasted garlic
  • Julienne Tomato and Cucumber Salad With a yogurt dill dressing
  • Shrimp and Cucumber Salad
    With goat cheese and fresh lime
  • Provencal Tuna Salad
    With tossed with Haricot Vert, fingerling potatoes,
    Sweet red onions, hard-boiled eggs with champagne vinaigrette
  • Mixed Baby Greens
    With candied walnuts, pears and Maytag blue cheese
  • Arugula Salad
    With shaved Parmesan, fresh lemon and extra V olive oil

  • Second Course
  • Fusilli Pasta Salad
    With sun dried tomatoes and smoked mozzarella
  • Saffron Rice Pilaf
    With roasted pine nuts Golden raisins and fresh basil
  • Balsamic Glazed Fingerling Potatoes
  • Wild Rice Salad
    With pecans, raisins, green onions, chicken, apples
  • Penne Salad
    With black olives, capers, rosemary, tomatoes and garlic
  • Bocconcini and Tear Drop Tomatoes
    With extra virgin olive oil

  • Main Course
  • Lemon Chicken
    With roasted garlic
  • Grilled French Lamb Chop
    With fresh Rosemary.
  • Poached Salmon
    Topped with a dill aioli
  • Grilled Skirt Steak
    Marinated in fresh lime and Dijon mustard
  • Portabella Mushroom Sandwich
    With caramelized sweet onion, and a lite basil aioli
  • Grilled Chicken Panini
    With a sun dried tomatoes pesto, goat cheese, radicchio,
    Sunflower sprouts, and fresh basil
  • Country Honey Fried chicken
  • Grilled Tuna Sandwich
    With micro green, oven dried tomatoes, radish sprouts
    And a kalamata olive topanade
  • Herb Poached Wild Salmon
    with preserved lemon crème fraise

  • Desserts
  • Assortment of Homemade Cupcakes, Cheese Cake Bars, Brownies, Cookies, and Fruit Tarts
Josh Jackson | Head Chef