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Great Taste Catering
Great Taste Catering
Assorted Menu Items

1. Mediterranean marinated Half chicken(lemon, capers ,olives, garlic, olive oil, herbs)
2. Spicy roasted Chicken(cayenne, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, celery salt)
3. Chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes and spinach.
4. Zesty lemon chicken( lemon , garlic, oregano, red vinegar)
5. Braised chicken in a sweet tomato sauce
6. Herb roasted chicken( parsley, thyme, rosemary, marjorum,sage,)
7. Teriyaki chicken ( homemade teriyaki sauce)
8. Simple grilled chicken breast topped with a basil pesto.
9. Panko crusted Dijon chicken breast. (Dijon, then Panko crumbs, then lightly fry
10. Grilled or roasted chicken topped with a assorted pesto(sun dried tom's-olive-tarragon- etc)
11. Chicken stew with carrots, potatoes, corn, peas, and more.
12. Honey mustard roasted chicken
13. Chicken stir fry ( with green beans , mushrooms, or any veggie)
14. Steak pizzaiola (pounded and cooked topped with a rich tomato sauce
15. Grilled rib eye steak topped with blue cheese
16. Grilled new York steak with a port wine reduction
17. Different marinated cuts of meat
18. Carne asada with white corn tortillas
19. Pan seared crispy duck breast with a plum chutney , or port wine sauce
20. Double thick cut Pork chop pan roasted with a apple chutney and fresh sage
21. Bar-B-Q pork chops marinated in a dry rub
22. Bar-B-Q meat, ( chicken, beef, pork , etc)
23. Grilled Swordfish with a Papayas or mango salsa
24. Pepper crusted Ahi seared rare
25. Sesame crusted Ahi seared rare with a light ginger marinate
26. Fresh filet of sole topped with a brown butter lemon & garlic sauce
27. Pan roasted Sea bass topped with a lemon caper sauce
28. Pan roasted Tilapia topped with a homemade spicy tomato salsa
29. Grilled Ahi steaks topped with a Black olive topanade
30. Grilled Jumbo Prawns seasoned with Cajun seasoning
31. Pan roasted salmon with an herb crust , or topped with basil pesto
32. Pistachio crusted Halibut steak ( Pistachio,breadcrumbs,garlic, parsley, etc)
33. Herb Crusted Wild Salmon finished with a preserved Lemon vinaigrette
34. Chilean sea bass topped with a fresh tomato cecca
35. Smoked Bacon Wrapped Halibut
36. Apple and pecan stuffed pork tender loin
37. Pan roasted fish, (sea bass, halibut etc) with sweet and sour onions
38. Braised pork shoulder
39. Pulled beef , or pork in Cuban spice's
40. Chicken scaloppini
Josh Jackson | Head Chef