Great Taste Catering
Our mission is to serve our clients with the highest level of professional attention. Great Taste Catering strive to exceed your expectations with cutting edge menus, presentation and professional service. We want to help you create the perfect party.

Choose the place where you feel the most happy and inspired and then let Great Taste Catering provide the full-service catering. The venue management team at Great Taste Catering work with you to take care of every detail of your event. From preparing creative, delicious food, to menu design and planning, to staffing, to entertainment.

Great Taste Catering will also arrange and oversee all rentals, table designs, floral needs and entertainment. The staff at Great Taste Catering pride themselves on accommodating all of your needs in a professional manner rich in hospitality and thoughtfulness and void of all hassle.

Joshua Jackson has been a chef for over twenty years, and has created dining experiences for the likes of Cher and Ben Harper; He has also been the personal chef for Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen, as well as Rob Reiner.

Joshua currently is owner and head chef at Meditrina Café, a beloved Venice, CA restaurant known for the great food served at a fair price.
Great Taste Catering